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Use these resume' building ideas to start your new career.

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Are you a housewife who is reentering the workforce after many years of being at home with your family? Are you looking at updating your resume' -- or perhaps rewriting it completely?

This can be hard - even scary. And no matter what your reasons are for re entering the workforce, you want to make the process go as easy as possible, right?

That's why smart resume' help for women reentering the workforce includes several factors.

Take the time to prepare yourself and go over your assets before you write that stay at home mom resume' and run off to your first job interview. You'll improve your confidence level and enjoy far greater success in your chosen field.

resume help

Here's the first thought to keep in mind. Overwhelmingly, careers do not just drop in your lap. To prepare a top-notch resume', you'll need to...
  • get to know yourself and your abilities.
  • update your professional image and qualifications.
  • pull it altogether by writing your resume' (or use resume' software) with up-to-date language or have it professionally written for you.
  • consider what your prospective employer wants...and learn how to offer it in a professional and attractive way.

The bottom line is this; a resume' is a single piece of paper you are using to convey something quite complex - you!

Relax. You already know how to do this. Just as when you were tackling that volunteer project at school...or finding new ways to get your middle schooler to finally do his homework...or even just baking a realized you needed to pull together a variety of resources and put them together in a productive - even creative - fashion.

You are going to do the same thing when reentering workforce after kids. You are going to need to assemble a variety of resources that we are talking about on this page and then practice with them to develop competency.

This is really guerrilla marketing at its best. Do yourself a favor and read our report "Top 10 Secrets of an Amazing Resume." This will help you understand the basics of an outstanding resume and get you thinking about successfully creating your own.

When you have completed these steps, you can feel confident walking into your job interviews knowing your homemaker resume' has opened the door for you.

Resumes' for housewives reentering the workforce - Step 1.

  • Make a list of your experience and education.

Learn how to create an effective resume for a housewife. Tackle the steps one at a time.

Many moms reentering the workforce sell themselves short at this point. These women mistakenly believe that the only thing that belongs on a resume' for a homemaker or anyone else is paid work.

Not so.

Your housewife resume' is a lot more than that - it's your chance to communicate to a prospective employer your capabilities in handling a particular position. A position he or she needs to fill with the most qualified person available at the right price. Your job is to fit yourself into this position, if appropriate. Volunteer work is excellent on a resume' for a stay at home mom - or anyone else - and remember, be specific.

Reentering the workforce - resume' in hand - means you need to polish the way you think of yourself. Here are some straightforward resume tips for women reentering the workforce after taking time off to be with the kids.
  • Did you handle the PTA budget?
  • Did you manage people?
  • Did you develop programs that solved problems?
  • Were you involved with fundraising?
  • Did you work as part of a team?
  • Do you have any life experience that would qualify towards credit on a college course?

When writing resumes' for housewives reentering the workforce, one must consider the character qualities that a mom has used in her job that can directly relate to work in the corporate world. Personal initiative, time management, organizational skills, and team management are skills most mothers use daily for years.

You might consider doing several career aptitude tests. In addition, if you've never done it before, take a personality test, like the Myers-Briggs. As you reenter the workforce, you'll want to find the best possible career for yourself and you'll want that career to fit you.

Step 2 for a resume' for stay at home moms who are reentering the workforce.

  • Plug the small holes in your homemaker resume'.
Are you...
  1. computer literate?
  2. in need of certification updating?
  3. knowledgeable about what your industry is in need of and looking for?
Take a couple of community college courses or online certifications to get yourself up-to-date. Read trade journals and visit websites in your field. Get updated before you walk into that first interview. It's one thing to have taken time off to raise a family -- a wise and honorable decision -- it's another thing to simply be out of touch. You're asking to be hired and paid. Make sure you bring your best self to the table. (If you need ideas on choosing a career, see my article "I need help deciding what career to choose".)

Step 3 in crafting a resume' for women reentering the workforce.

Put it all together. It's time to write your resume'. Take a look at some of these resume' samples for housewives reentering the workforce and other special situations. Study these!! You can learn a lot about wording, phrasing, and what a prospective employer is looking for. Learn the key words your industry uses and consider how you can add them to your resume'.

Make your personal resume creation even easier by getting resume creating software. Doing so will make this part of your job search easier within minutes.

Let's summarize.

  • Write out all your education and experience. Remember, your work at home experience has been valid, you simply need to match it up with what prospective employers are looking for.
  • Prepare yourself, through career testing and course work.
  • Pull it all together and write that mom resume' using every resource you can find that will help you.
    Congratulations and best wishes on reentering the workforce!

    Feedback from housewives who are needing resumes and reentering the workforce and have visited our site.

    "I am a housewife, and I want to get back in the Workforce, until today I did not know where to start solving the problem. But look, are people who know how to solve the mystery... Thank you so much, was really helpful"

    "These tips are really invaluable and will be a great help!"
    Lynn D

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