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Use this printable calorie counter to log all your calories each day.

This printable calorie counter is very straightforward and simple to use.

I used the same idea to lose 20 lbs. and you can, too.

  • Keeping a calorie counter log ensures that you take control of your eating instead of feeling out of control.

  • Using printable calorie counters over time will allow you to track what's working in your diet and what's not..

  • Printable calorie charts are portable. Tuck a copy into your purse or wallet and jot down those restaurant meals and on-the-go foods..

  • Color code the calorie counter sections OR color code the foods you eat. For example, calories can be blue, fat grams can be yellow, etc.

  • Get more tips for using a printable calorie chart.

Here's a free printable calorie counter.  (Scroll down for more helpful hints after the printable calorie counter.)
(Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader)
calorie counting chart

More tips for getting the most out of your printable calorie counter.

1. Get comfortable using your calorie counter.

Practice with it; like any new skill it takes some time to get proficient. In addition, this calorie chart is a very basic, simple edition. If the concept of counting calories works for you, you might consider getting an electronic version or using one of the online services like That's the service I used to lose my weight so I know it really works.

2. Consider asking a friend or family member to come along on your fitness journey.

Like many things in life, getting healthier is more enjoyable and easier to achieve when using the buddy system. You can print out multiple copies of this food and calories chart to share with a friend; then agree to hold each other accountable for mutual benefit. Look for ways to work out or exercise together, too. In our household, we do a lot of walking, hiking and biking together. It has been a fantastic way to burn calories regularly while building up our family time together. What activities could your family start doing together?

3. Hang your printable calorie counter in a public place.

How about the refrigerator? The point is, make it as convenient as possible to use. Customize it with color coding. Let your kids put stickers on it when you achieve your calorie goal for the day. Print it on fancy paper. Use one for each family member (these calorie counters are great not just for losing weight, but for keeping track of nutritional intake. The whole family can use these charts to learn about what they eat and how they feel.).

4. Use your old food and calories chart to plan your meals.

For example, you can use last week's printable calorie counter to see what foods you enjoyed and what foods you might want to stay away from. That information is invaluable. Once you start planning your upcoming meals in this way, you'll find it easy to incorporate new, healthier recipes into your diet. This in turn will lead to healthier eating and over time, you'll find sticking to any calorie counting plan becomes second nature.

In summary, using a printable calorie counter...

  • puts you in the driver's seat of your weight loss plan.

  • is simple to learn to use and is a proven method of weight loss and weight maintenance.

  • is adaptable. Share a calorie counting chart with a friend or use one to educate your family on eating healthier.

  • is a fantastic way to learn EXACTLY what you eat, when and why.

Printable calorie counters are extremely useful tools in your efforts to get and stay healthier. Even if you only give a calorie counter a try for a few weeks, you'll be surprised at what you learn..and you might even lose a little weight in the process. In any case, I encourage you to keep working towards a healthier lifestyle, for your own sake as well as your family.

This information is presented for informational and educational purposes only. Always remember to see your health care professional before beginning any new diet or exercise program. The results presented here are not typical. Your results are dependent upon you and your efforts and will be unique to you.

What are the health/wellness concerns in your family? We'd like to hear from you!

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