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A childs chore charts are very popular.

And for good reason.

(Scroll down to get your printable chore charts immediately.)

As a parent, you can help your child do a lot just by using a child's chore chart in an effective way. Here are some chart ideas on how to do just that.

For example, children's chore charts are versatile enough to...

  • teach practical stuff, like making a bed or picking up toys.
  • And at the same time help you teach about teamwork. Fostering the notion using chore charts that your family is a team can have huge impacts outside of just getting the chore done! A kid who thinks of himself as a vital part of his family's team is way more likely to listen to you, Mom or Dad, about everyday issues and respect your authority about the same.
  • What else can a child's chore chart do? Use one to show your child, from toddlerhood right up through the teen years how to get their daily activities out of their head and onto a chart, to do list, planner, etc., where they can see and accomplish those activities. Show the value of this small idea when your kids are young and they will be trained with good habits as they grow.
  • And what about the notion of children learning to manage their own time? A childs chore charts are perfect for this. Fill out a chore chart, explain your expectations - which need to include the idea that THEY are responsible for getting the items checked off of the chore chart - not you! That means you won't be yelling or nagging them to get these chores completed. You will simply ask them if the chores on the chart are completed. Yes? Then privileges abound. No? Then nothing else happens until the chores are finished. Nothing. Then stick to it, Mom or Dad. If you can't stick to this simple consequence you won't have any success with child's chore charts or any other parenting tool.

    Remember, the good news is that parenting starts with the parents. Always.
Print this Childs Chore Chart or Printable Childs Chore Chart (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

childs chore chart
Printable Childs Chore Chart

Chore chart ideas start with keeping a child's chart usage FUN - if you want maximum results - especially when you are just beginning using charts or your kids are still young.

Certainly with very small kids, a colorful and bright chart is better than a dull and drab chart. Even for myself, I like color; most adults I know do, too.

So when you print out one of these chore charts, encourage your child to get creative with it. Color on it, add stickers and get it ready to go to work! Be sure and make your prizes or rewards tantilizing, too. This doesn't mean expensive or big! The prize should match the effort. For example, putting away toys for a week does not earn a trip to DisneyWorld.

But that sort of effort could definitely earn a trip to a favorite park or the privilege of having a friend over to play.

Children's chore charts are not magic. They are tools. Get creative with them and use them for all sorts of things besides just chores. If you need behavior charts, or a reward chart we have those, too, along with the tips you need to make'em work.

Printable chore charts will help your child shine.

What could be better than using your child's chore charts to help her learn about taking care of her own things, respecting other's property, efficiently managing both her time and her part of the family's household and feeling good about herself at the same time? Obviously, a childs chore chart can't do all of that without being used properly. So play around with your chore chart usage and see what you can get accomplished in your home.

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