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Disrespectful children can turn a household upside down.

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Dealing with disrespectful children can wear you out.

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How far has it gone in your home? Do you have a small disrespect problem?
  • Occasional back talking.
  • Unintentional, unplanned disrespect. Rude words just get blurted out.
  • Everyday sibling rivalry that sometimes includes episodes of disrespect.

Or a large problem with a disrespectful child?
  • Continual, almost daily (or daily) disrespect shown to you as the parent.
  • A child who is disrespectful to teachers at school.
  • Intentional defiance.

What do you think? Do you have a small disrespect problem or a large (and painful) one?

What do you, as a parent, generally do when confronted with your disrespectful child?

  • Do you ignore the disrespectful behavior?
  • Do you react and say something disrespectful back?
  • Are you in shock when your child is disrespectful?
  • Do you get scared and back down when dealing with disrespectful children?
Taking the time and energy to learn how to deal with disrespectful children can improve your parenting confidence levels and lower your stress.

Developing a plan of help for problem children can be fairly straightforward.

This is where your parenting power lies. In your own thoughts, words and actions.
So gather your courage and
  • BE the parent - not a peer. Watch the boundaries between yourself and your child.
  • BE the leader - the authority - in your home. For example, if your child uses the line "everybody's doing it" when trying to get her way, you already know

    1. that's not true. Everyone's NOT doing it!

    2. It's irrelevant what others are doing. You, Mom or Dad, take a look at what's best for your child. It won't be another electronic gadget! But (for example) it may be a regular dinnertime together with the family.

    See the difference? Need more help? Try this article. Kids Who Mock, Imitate and Make Fun of Parents.

When it comes to re-training disrespectful children, cultivate a culture of kindness in your homelife.

  • Set up situations to teach and demonstrate respect.
  • Don't allow disrespectful speech or attitudes into your home. Not through TV, music, movies or friends.
  • Be proactive in generating kindnesses. "Catch" your child being kind and point it out to him with great pleasure.
  • Make sure you, personally, are modeling respect and kindness through your own words and actions. As you already know, your child will only listen to what you say if it matches what you do!
Educate yourself; use the parenting resources that speak to your heart. Be patient with yourself and firm with your child. Find a parenting mentor you respect and spend ongoing time listening to their wisdom as well as pouring out your own heart for healing.

Need a safe place to get started? Then join me and other parents by signing up for my ezine "I Love My Child" (see the sign up form above).

Parenting is the most important job you'll ever have. You can do this!

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