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Use these free behavior charts to print and guide your kids towards better lifetime habits. Need something more? Grab your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

Of course, you will need to do more than just print the behavior charts, fill them out, hang them on the fridge, tell your child to use them and then forget about the whole thing.

I know I've tried that before with all kinds of chore charts and printable charts and I'll bet you have, too.

If you would like solid, proven strategies for using your free behavior charts, then take a look at my chore charts page.

There are two free behavior charts to print featured on this page (above). One is designed for younger, preschool age children and one is designed for older elementary age kids. Both have space to add your own list of behaviors as well as including a few behaviors that are commonly worked on in most families. Print these handy charts out today and start experimenting with them to help your child grow.

Print this Printable Behavior Chart for older/elementary kids or Family Chore Game or Printable Behavior Chart for younger/preschool kids (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Printable behavior charts
Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
Printable behavior chart

Free behavior chart ideas...

What types of behavior are you hoping will improve by using these free printable behavior charts?

<Are you using these charts as advanced chore charts?

Are you using these charts to help your child improve skills in areas such as
  • bed making
  • room cleaning
  • doing dishes
  • taking out the trash
  • caring for pets
  • sweeping/vacuuming/dusting
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • helping with laundry
  • setting the table
  • cleaning up after dinner
  • getting homework done on time
  • garden/yard chores
  • piano/music lessons
  • athletic practice
  • potty training
  • going to bed on time
By the way, if you would like to use stickers with your printable free behavior chart or other types of blank chore charts, please see my page with sticker behavior charts.

Or are you trying to stop or change a particular behavior using these charts to print?
  • thumbsucking
  • hair twirling
  • nail biting
  • fussing
  • talking back
  • sibling rivalry
It usually works best with these behaviors to only change one behavior at a time. And it can take a long, long time to change. (Think of a change you've had to make.) So be patient, but persevere. You might also find my printable reward charts and tips useful.

When you find free behavior charts to print out and use with your family, what has been your methodology?

Do you use any type of reward system to motivate your family members to stick with the chart usage? Without motivation of some kind, even a free behavior chart is doomed to failure. If people want to make changes in their behavior, they will do so without a lot of prodding. Most of the time the biggest hurdle we face as parents in guiding our kids' behavior is helping them to understand why they need to change and thereby getting them to take ownership of the change. Until they decide to make the change themselves, no change will occur. That's just a fact of human life.
Tools like behavior, reward and chore charts simply provide a structure for change and the more fun and interesting we can make it, the better. Remember, the rule is: in order to change, most people need to realize that the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of changing.

Some kids need variety. So print out different behavior charts and mix it up a bit. Give your kids new challenges regularly and reward accordingly.

On the other hand, some kids need the consistency of very little change. With them, you can set up the boundaries and stick to them over time.

Need more than just free behaviors charts to print out?

If you can use a parenting tip or two, see my 10 parenting tips page. Have teens? Take a look at my parenting teenagers article. And there are pages with additional blank chore charts as well as printable homework charts. Help yourself!

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