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Preschool printable calendars to use in your home or your preschool.

There are two preschool printable calendars featured on this page. One is a blank calendar you can customize and the other calendar has suggested preschool activities. Add your own notes or stickers. For a printable sticker page, see my sticker behavior charts page.

Print this Preschool printable calendar - blank or Preschool printable calendar - with activities. (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Preschool printable calendars
Preschool calendars

Ideas on using these preschool printable calendars.

  • Preschool calendars are very helpful in teaching preschoolers about the seasons and months of the year.
Preschool calendars get little ones on the path to understanding numbers, seasons, months and days. Print out a new calendar for each month, circling the current month and showing your child how to write the correct month's name. Keep all the calendars on a bulletin board or in a binder so your preschooler can see the progression of the year.
  • Customize each preschool calendar with your preschooler's birthday and special days.
If you have multiple preschoolers, let each one mark his or her own special day with a sticker or by coloring in the date's square. Use the calendar to discuss seasonal weather, holidays and personal activities, like doctor and dentist appointments.
  • Assign a color to each preschooler.
At a glance, he can see his activities on each calendar.
  • Print out a calendar for each preschooler.
Let them each decorate their own calendar. If they are practicing their numbers, show them how to write the dates in the correct places (too advanced for many preschoolers).
  • Let each preschooler celebrate personal successes on their printable calendar with stickers, etc.
Or use printable reward charts or printable charts for kids.
  • Preschool calendars can easily be adjusted for older kids, too.
Letting older kids help the younger, preschool aged kids fill out the calendars is a great exercise for both groups. You can also use the preschool calendar to teach about caring for others, pointing out other children's birthday, etc.
  • Use preschool calendars in a larger display.
Use the preschool calendar to announce the month and surround it with seasonal decorations. Start with just the calendar, for example, and have the children help you add a seasonal decoration each day to the display to teach the holidays and nuances of each season.
  • Use preschool calendars to count down to a special day.
Each day have a preschooler mark off or add a sticker to the current day. Place a large bright sticker on the date you are counting down to. This gives your preschoolers a visual display of the passage of the days.
  • Use preschool printable calendars to keep track of individual preschoolers' as well as classroom achievements.
At the end of each month, send home the calendars as a record of what was completed that month. Make notes to parents for individual child, if desired.
  • Do you have more ideas?
Use the feedback form below to send me your ideas for using preschool printable calendars. Let me know on the form if I have your permission to publish your ideas on this website or in my newsletters. Thanks!!

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