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Are free printable behavior charts for kids what you need? Get even more help; grab your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

Here are a few proven ideas for using a free printable behavior chart effectively.

  • Keep it simple.

Only try to encourage or change a few behaviors at a time. In fact, sometimes working on one behavior at a time brings the most success. If you have been struggling with your child concerning a particular behavior, make sure you're not expecting too much change at once. That's simply a recipe for frustration and nagging. Those things guarantee change won't happen!
  • Go your own speed.

One of my daughters took a long, long time to quit sucking her thumb (about a year). We had tried lots of things and I finally realized that each one of those ideas had its place in teaching her about herself and preparing her to change her behavior. That's when I simply told her that no matter how long it took, we would be successful. We would work together and make the goal happen. My commitment to long-term change helped her make the commitment, too. Stopping the process was no longer an option. I let go of being frustrated, too.

Free printable behavior charts for kids:

Print this Printable Behavior Chart for older/elementary kids or Family Chore Game or Printable Behavior Chart for younger/preschool kids (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Printable behavior charts
Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
Printable behavior chart

More printable behavior chart ideas...

As parents we often are so busy, we want immediate fixes. But that's not how human beings generally work. Long-term solutions require long-term fixes! Behavior charts are great for this type of effort. We can use one chart after another, make changes to the chart, goal or prize as necessary, scatter them around the house and car for easy access, and truly integrate them into every day living. We can use a 'chores for kids' chart to teach household management and family responsibility. We can use blank chore charts and customize our efforts.
  • Add perspective.
It's very helpful to keep a log of printable behavior charts and use them to help your child see the progress she is making over time. That's highly motivating and builds self-confidence at the same time.

Always keep the positive in your printable behavior charts.

  • When is it easier for you to change a habit?
When someone is criticizing and nagging you? Or with someone's support and encouragement? Be a cheerleader for your child as you use these charts, but don't take their responsibilities away from them.

Put a positive habit that your child already does well on the chart along with other behaviors you want to guide. For example, if you have a child who always hangs his jacket up, then put that habit on his behavior chart. The easy success from that one behavior can be very motivating when other habits are more challenging to change.

Free printable behavior charts for kids are for more than just chores.

  • Discern between the good and the excellent.
Learning to wipe down the bathroom mirror and take out the trash are important chores for any child to master. But even more important are character traits such as personal responsibility, self-control and teamwork. You can easily use a printable behavior chart to encourage and reward character development in your child. And it's lots easier to teach a child to make her bed everyday when she is convinced of the importance of personal responsibility.

Remember, with a tool like behavior charts you are guiding and modifying behavior. Only your child can choose to change; you cannot make your child change. And that's okay because helping your child understand that he is in charge of changing himself is a powerful skill to learn.

You might want to also check out my printable reward charts page for more printable behavior charts and ideas. And if you like stickers for your behavior chart, see my sticker behavior charts page.
  • Share your ideas.
Do you have suggestions for using free printable behavior charts that have worked well in your homelife? Share your mothering tips and tricks with me using the feedback form below and you just might get your suggestion published on this website!

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