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Use these fun free printable charts for kids and whip your homelife into shape.

Do you know why using behavior, reward or chore charts for kids can be so useful to family life?

It's not about cleaning your home or being able to find things when you want to, although those are terrific things, to be sure.

Effectively using household tools like printable kids chore charts can teach your kids personal responsibility. You may find that's the best reason of all because learning personal responsibility can lead your kids to other desirable character traits that will serve them a lifetime. (For more information, see my "10 Parenting Tips" article.)

Isn't that a lot to ask from simple printable charts for kids?

Yes, it is. And you can expect that from tools you use, provided you use them consistently and effectively.
  • When you use a tool like a printable kids chore chart, make a big deal of it.

  • Explain your parenting reasoning behind using it. And if your only reason to use a printable chart is "it will get the house clean", don't be surprised when it fails. Again.
When you explain that printable chore charts for kids - or reward or behavior charts - can help guide your kiddos towards greater responsibilities, they catch your expectations for them. In other words, they now know that you expect them to become more responsible. Most kids will, even without realizing it, want to fulfill that expectation.

Of course, that's just the beginning. One cog in the personal responsibility wheel. As the parent, you've got to dovetail your use of printable charts for kids with your other messages of character development.

Print this Printable kids chore chart or Family Chore Game or Printable Reward Chart (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Printable Chart for kids
Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
Printable Reward Chart

Here's something else that can be developed from using free printable chore charts for kids.

  • Respect for their own personal property as well as others.
How does this work? Well, if you require that your kids take care of their things, like their rooms and everything in them, their backpacks and clothes, etc. while you emphasize that those items have value and it's our job to take care of them,  you plant a seed in your child's mind. It goes like this. "If my things are valuable to me, then other people's things are valuable to them."

Now, that thought is just a seed, remember. To grow it, you need to intentionally tell and show your kids how to respect other people's property. When my family was in the military many years ago, we lived in base housing. We taught our boys, who were small at the time, to take extra care with our home because it belonged to someone else. However, we often noticed that while many families felt the same way we did, other families felt the opposite. Because it wasn't their personal property, they felt they were fine in treating it poorly. We noticed these folks' children were often disrespectful, too. This simple observation helped us mold a big piece of our parenting strategy.

You need to ask yourself, what kind of adult do you want to raise? Remember, you have more influence than you realize.

Are there more ways to use printable kids chore charts?

Yes, yes, and yes! Use free printable charts for kids all around your home to teach organization, house management, teamwork and good time management. I have tried to emphasize with my own kids that it's easier to write everything down than it is to keep what one needs to accomplish in one's head. That's really all blank chore charts are, a way to structure our tasks and get things done more efficiently. Some additional charts I have for you on this website include:

Do yourself a favor and be flexible as you use your free downloadable charts with your kids. You will probably need to customize your charts. You will also need to try on your printable charts. What I mean by that is that you need to experiment with your chore or rewards charts, trying different methods until you are satisfied with your results. Practice each method a couple of weeks and you will soon discover what works and what doesn't with your own family.

The important point is don't give up too soon! Effectively using a variety of printable chore charts for kids can cut a lot of stress out of the typical family's day to day lives. If results are what you are after, printable charts are a great way to get there.

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