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Looking for more than simple printable homework charts? Grab your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

Printable homework charts are smart and easy tools that really work.
  • Make a commitment to use a homework chart for at least 30 days - preferably 60 - and see what a difference it can make.
Of course, the key word here is 'commitment'. Using the homework chart everyday, religiously, will prove to you that it works. It will help any student improve their self-discipline and consistency over time.

  • Keep all of your child's printable homework charts in a binder so you have a log of homework from week to week.
This also is a log of your child's progress and if there's a missed assignment you can check back. Often one of my kids were 'certain' they wrote an assignment down, but if there was no record of it on the homework chart, we knew they had forgotten. This helped them understand you simply can't keep everything in your head!
  • Color code subjects.
For example, if Math is highlighted in the color red, then place a red highlight on each individual assignment as it is completed. At a glance, your student can clearly see what homework is not completed.

Print this Printable homework chart - Blank or or Family Chore Game or Printable homework chart - filled in (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Printable homework charts
Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
Printable homework chart

More printable homework charts ideas...

  • If desired, keep the current week's printable homework chart posted in a public place where family members can help each other stay accountable.
This should not be a negative thing, but a great way to steer conversation. Which child is working on what projects this week? What do we all know about these topics? What difficulties is the student having and how can we help him? This is also a gentle way to keep a student on task. "I see your homework is not checked off, Susie. Let me know when you are finished so we can play that new game together I was showing you." (If you are looking for more personal growth ideas for your child, see my good behavior charts page.
  • For young kids, printable homework charts are a great way to teach good study habits. 
Homework charts help with goal setting and goal getting. It's a lot of fun to watch a child experience the thrill of achievement and learn she is in control of those achievements.
  • Like stickers to use with your printable homework charts?
See my sticker behavior charts page for a printable sheet of stickers (need to use sticker paper in your printer or print on regular paper and use a glue stick to attach to your chart) as well as more free behavior charts to print or the chores for kids chart.
  • Are you using rewards with your printable homework charts?
I'm a big believer in using rewards with printable charts, but you'll want to aim for balance. School and the accompanying homework are your kid's equivalent of a job and is not all about the rewards. Sometimes you just have to do the work! That's what makes homework valuable; the self-discipline it can teach. The academics are just icing on the cake.
  • The above being said, don't let homework take over your child's life.
Check with your child's teacher as to how much homework he should be having each day, in general. Obviously there are days where extra projects mean more homework, but if all your child does is homework from the time school is out until bedtime every single day, it's time to figure out why and make adjustments.

Some kids have trouble with focus (mine certainly have) and simply need a lot of practice and encouragement to rise above that. Sometimes a particular subject is weighing a child down and they need extra help in that area. Sometimes they are simply assigned more homework than is reasonable. Try to be an onjective parent and do a little detective work to find out what the situation is for your child. Again, balance is the key. Either extreme of no homework or too much homework is not helpful long-term.
  • Do you ever wonder if these daily routines like homework or chores even matter?
Whether you use simple tools like chore charts or printable homework charts, what you are really doing is raising our future leaders. So yes, every day stuff matters! A lot!!

Printable homework charts are a valuable tool in your efforts to guide your child's education.

  • Spend a little time going over returned homework with your child.
Use your homework chart log (previous weeks' homework charts) to ask about specific assignments. Plus, going over returned homework together gives you the chance to ask questions and stay apprised of your child's work before you see the final report card. And it shows your child that you value education (which you do, right?).

You will find out about your child's interests - likes and dislikes - if you consistently chat about her homework with her. Go over problem issues while they're still small problems. Develop an open line of communication with your child's teacher. All common sense ideas and they really work!

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