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Have you tried using printable reward charts with your kids? Grab your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

Printable reward charts are a great way to change ingrained habits and provide positive training with your children. They also work well with changing adult behavior!

Start by printing out several reward charts so you can try out different ideas with your kids. You may need to go through several rounds of adjustments to find the results you are looking for.

Hot Tips for using Printable Reward Charts

There are two reward charts featured on this page.
  • Preschool or younger child printable reward chart.
This chart is a visual chart with very little text. There is a place to write in your child's goal - what he is working towards. And a place to write in the reward that he will earn. You can let the numbered stars represent days or activities, it's up to you. Your child can cross out or color a star he has completed, or stamp it, or put a sticker on it. I have a printable sheet of stickers for you on my sticker behavior charts page.

Print this younger child printable reward chart or Family Chore Game or this older child printable reward chart (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

printable reward chart
Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
printable reward chart

The nice thing with printable reward charts or any other type of behavior chart, you take yourself out of the position of nagging at your child all the time.
The child becomes answerable to the reward chart; you are simply his cheerleader and friendly reminder.

If you have a little one who quickly tires of using reward charts, try what I did with my daughter. She stayed in the game a lot longer (and we eventually conquered thumbsucking) by inviting her doll into the action. By helping her doll stop sucking her thumb, my daughter was motivated to 'lead the way' by changing her own behavior. So consider printing out double reward charts, one for your child and another for a beloved toy or even a pet.

  • Elementary or older child printable reward chart.
This printable reward chart is more text-based. It is fully customizable with blank spaces to write specific tasks that are being worked on. As on the preschool reward chart, there is space for you to add your child's goal and reward.

I like to add a task to my kids' reward charts that they are currently doing very well. That way they have a winner right up front on their chart and they find that motivating. Too often as parents, we only resort to tools like printable reward charts when we see our kids having a problem with something. This way is a bit more positive, I have found.

Do remember to reward for positive character development as well as traditional chores. It's a great thing to help a child develop a habit of making their own bed, for example, but it's far more important that they learn how to be intentionally kind. These reward charts can be used to reward any type of behavior. If you need more ideas about this, see my article Teaching Children to Tell the Truth.
  • Lead the way.
Are you up to the challenge? Print off a reward chart for yourself and engage in a little healthy competition with your child. Beyond that, using these charts yourself will show your child how this system actually works; that nothing happens if you just fill out a reward chart and then do nothing. You must actually modify your behavior in some way and the reward chart will simply help you keep track of your progress and act as a reminder to keep moving. By the way, that's self-discipline which is a fantastic habit for all of us to develop.
  • Keep it fun.
The more humor you can combine with these printable reward charts, the more success you will see. Of course, the reward itself is fun. If everyone is working on a challenging reward chart then perhaps a family fun night of celebration is in order every few weeks or so. Teaching your kids to set goals and work towards them in this manner is a fantastic skill to teach your child that they will use all their life. (If you are interested in learning more about teaching goal-setting to your children, I highly recommend you look into Brian Tracy's program How to raise happy, healthy, self-confident children .)

Printable reward charts are a part of a process.

  • Do you ever wonder if these daily routines like homework or chores even matter?
Whether you use simple tools like chore charts or printable reward charts, what you are really doing is raising our future leaders. So yes, every day stuff matters! A lot!!

 Raising kids is not an event, it's a process. Tools like printable reward charts and printable charts for kids can help a lot, but they can't do the job for you. So be patient with yourself and your child. Use these reward charts and any other parenting resources you feel might help you. Be flexible; make changes until you see results, keep what works, toss what doesn't. Make sure you are modeling good behavior for your child because it's nearly impossible to train your child to do something they see you not doing.

And always keep going! Parenting is a tough job, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Hang in there for the long haul. It's worth it!

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