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Sticker behavior charts are a convenient and fun way to guide young children in changing their behaviors.

Note: Print the stickers page on printable sticker paper and cut apart the stickers. Or print on regular paper, cut apart and use a glue stick to attach to your sticker behavior charts or any other blank chore chart.

If you need more ideas, look at these additional free behavior charts to print, or printable charts for kids.

Print this Printable stickers or Printable Behavior Chart (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

printable stickers
Printable behavior chart

Do a theme-filled sticker behavior chart for more fun.

Does your child enjoy learning about animals? New and exciting places? Flowers and plants? Airplanes or rockets? Dinosaurs (that would be my daughter!)?

To help heighten interest in using your sticker behavior charts (or any kind of printable reward chart), consider combining the behavior change with a little education. Sure, your child is learning the invaluable skill of self-discipline, but knowing something is 'good for us' usually only goes so far, especially in children. They're just not mature enough to take that concept and go with it.

In addition, knowing that every time they make progress and get to put a sticker on their behavior or chore chart, they also get to...
  • read a book with mom about their favorite topic.
  • make a craft about their favorite topic.
  • dress up like their favorite topic.
Well, you can imagine this makes the whole behavior adjusting process that much more appealing for your child. You could set this idea up in stages, like goals. Small goals merit awards similar to the ones just listed.

Or for even bigger prizes...
  • visit a museum on their favorite topic.
  • watch a video about their topic
  • celebrate their birthday with their favorite theme.

You get the idea. And you can use a wide variety of chore, behavior or reward charts for this task. This will make working on their behavior changes much more exciting for your kids. And by all means, when they learn something new about their favorite topic, call Grandpa or Grandma or a favorite aunt or uncle and share the newly learned fact. This will increase your child's excitement for learning and keep them motivated towards using their behavior or reward charts.

clever beats nagging everytime!

Note: if you have preschoolers, you'll want to click over to my preschool printable calendars page. These stickers will work great on those calendar pages!

Sticker behavior charts can also remind kids to do good...before you ask.

It's one thing to set up a set of behaviors or chores you would like your child to do on a regular basis without too much fussing. That's all well and good. But what if you could actually motivate your child to start looking for chores or behaviors to do that he knows would please you? And then do those chores without being told? What's that worth to you, as a parent?

Well, in our home, that's worth a lot because it shows initiative and personal responsibility being developed. A chore or behavior that gets done specifically because our child recognizes it needs to be done and does it without asking is a big deal in our family.

You can set up a sticker behavior chart that a child can write on when she does something she knows needs to be done but no one has asked her to do it.

It can be anything such as noticing the trash needs to go out, cleaning a dusty tabletop, putting away videos left out, making a sibling's bed as an unasked favor, etc.

Your child writes it down on her behavior or reward chart and pops a sticker on the chart for it. When the chart is full...she earns something special.

There's all kinds of good that can come out of encouraging such random acts of maturity. Practice in self-discipline, kindness, actively looking to be helpful, and more. And using blank chore charts helps your child keep track of his behavior without you hovering and nagging.

It's a very good thing!

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