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A household chore list can be used as a foundation to keeping your home humming along smoothly. Plus you can get your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

  • You can stop trying to keep everything in your head when you utilize a household chore list. Write everything down you want to accomplish in your house and then organize those tasks on a chore list like this one.

  • You can tell when you are over organizing, too, using a household chore list. When the schedule is full, it's full! Give yourself some time off to enjoy your home, not just maintain it..

  • Using a chore checklist such as this one, everyone in a family can see their responsibilities at a glance. It does take some time to get a family's organizational momentum up to speed, but once your household members are used to their chores, it's amazing the amount of time and stress that is relieved.

  • You can also use your household chore list to determine family members favorite chores. Or at least the chores each person will tolerate! Let your family know that everyone MUST pitch in to do household chores, but that you are flexible as to who does what (keeping in mind age appropriateness and safety, of course). In fact, sometimes a revolving chores schedule is the best answer; that way everyone learns how to do everything, but no one is stuck permanently with a disliked task.

  • Need more ideas for using a household chores chart? Then check out my house cleaning checklist page.

(Scroll down for more useful insights about using a household chore list.)
Print the household chore list. or Family Chore Game  (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game

A household chore list can be used to turn a cluttered home around in 30 days or less.

  • Week 1.
Make that master chore list we talked about above. Walk through your home and write down EVERYTHING that needs to be done. Make special notice of those areas of clutter that drive you crazy! I think those deserve top priority for fixing. Sit with your master chore list for a few days so you make sure you have as much on it as possible. Consider those seasonal chores, too, that often get neglected.

Print out multiple household chore list copies. Using your master list, start scheduling chores. Don't worry about who does what yet, your goal this week is to get everything on  a schedule. Attach multiple pages of your chore list as needed. Again, mark those chores that are really bugging you so we can give them priority.
  • Week 2
After a couple days break, take a long hard look at your household chore lists. Does it look overwhelming, even to you? This is the stage to be realistic. It may make you feel good inside to clean the bathrooms 3 times each week, but if that's all you manage to get accomplished, how frustrated will you be? I'm a big believer in making progress, not perfection. After all, at the end of 30 days if your household is 50% cleaner on a regular basis than it was before you started this project, you'll be pleased, right? Absolutely. You can still tackle additional chore list improvement, but think of it as a process, not an event.

So, the bottom line here is, if there are too many tasks on your household chore list, you need to take some off at this step. If you like, put those chores on another chore list and keep for future reference. Take the chores that remain and compare your chore list with your family's schedule. Don't schedule a lot of chores on days when everyone is busy doing other stuff. It just won't work. A lot of household chore lists go down in flames from over- and double- scheduling. Again, make sure your priority tasks get on the chore list first.

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  • Week 3
Get to work. Have a family meeting and discuss the household chore list. Point out that this chore list is not a ball and is a liberator! You see, once the chores are done, everyone can concentrate on what they really want to do.

Together, distribute chores. Allow teamwork on chores, allow trading chores, be flexible. Be firm, however, on the bottom line...the chores gotta get done and nobody's gonna nag! Our household rule is if chores are not done, then cherished plans don't happen either. Sure, you'll hear some grumbling (your family is only human, after all), but stay on task. Once using a household chore list is a habit, your household will swim along nicely.

Make sure that you have the appropriate tools your worker-bees need for their chores, too. Cleaners, tools, resources and any appropriate safety equipment. Training on your standards should occur,also. And those priority tasks that are truly bugging you? Depending on what those chores are, you might consider doing those yourself and delegating other tasks. At least until you figure out exactly how you want those tasks done and what is the most efficient method of doing them. Then those crazy clutter chores will no longer bug you. That's tremendous success right there!
  • Week 4
From here on out it's observing and adjusting to make your household chore list system work for your particular family. Be flexible! And give lots and lots of praise. This is a big transition for most households, but people are always surprised to discover how much time they spend thinking about the clutter in their homes, as opposed to doing anything about it. Once you begin to do more than you worry, a genuine load will be lifted.

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